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LG Display Introduced a Reclining Curved OLED Throne to CES this Year

CES has quickly been unveiled as an in-person event with numerous companies canceling in-person attendance in Las Vegas, but the show will go on in the virtual form. No company has a more robust CES track record of crazy concept technology than LG Display.

The company is known as the world’s only source of big OLED TV panels, made its first announcement of the CES season, and it’s a big chair with a screen attached. LGD is calling the concept “media chair.” It consists of a thronelike seat ensconced in an arc that allows it to tilt back, but the coolest feature is the screen.

A fixed arm mounts a 55-inch, curved OLED screen at a distance of 1.5 meters from the viewer’s face in the chair, which LGD says is the optimal viewing distance. The company also debuted a second concept featuring curved, flexible OLED panels, dubbed “virtual ride.” It’s a stationary exercise bike facing a vertically oriented OLED Display designed to surround the rider with a kind of virtual world, a Peloton with a much, much bigger and better screen.

The screen consists of three 55-inch OLEDs that curve in front and above the rider, whom LG says can cycle through virtual forests, cities or other environments while tracking miles ridden, heart rate and more. As a manufacturer that makes OLED and LCD screens to supply them to other companies, including LG Electronics, Sony and Vizio, as well as commercial customers like malls and museums, LG Display did not reveal actual products that will exist in the real world.

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