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Kingdom Hearts IV Announced, And Sora’s Got An Updated Look

For the 20th anniversary celebration,  Square Enix made a presentation in japan to reveal the two kingdom Heats game which is part of being kingdom Hearts IV. The presentation was held in japan. In Tokyo, the show has live music, presentation and Tetsuya Nomura made on-stage presentations.

New news was the Kingdom Hearts IV along with the new news about Kingdom Hearts game. The first new game is called the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link and the trailer runs for nearly 2 to 4 mins. The beta version for it is coming to both iPhone and Android users later this year only for specific regions.

The  Kingdom Hearts IV  starts after that and the features that are assumed to mix are Square Enix and Disney characters. This time it is set in a realistic world. The game has Japanese audio with english subtitles. The company did not reveal anything about the release date for the game.

The press announcement said that the trailer for the Sora’s makes the return of the new updated look at the starting of the epic which has a new storyline. The storyline is called as the lost masters. It is beginning with the Sora’s facing the battle against the giant enemy and then the players are introduced. The game as mentioned above moves to a more realistic location. Now the ardent followers are more excited to see the return of their favorite characters like Donald.

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