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Israel Unveils Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Armed Forces

Israel has adopted a new Strategy for the incorporation and use of artificial intelligence across the branches of its armed forces, according to a senior Israel Defense Forces official. The new Strategy was unveiled amid the AI Week 2022 three-day event at.

The Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center and Tel Aviv Center for AI and Data Science at Tel Aviv University. The event included a session on the IDF’s new information and AI Strategy.

A senior Israel Defense Forces official, whose name could not be used due to the sensitivity of their position. They also noted that the IDF is undergoing a digital transformation in dealing with AI in all its branches and commands. This will be the first time the IDF has a multi-branch and multi-command plan for use of AI.

For the IDF, the Strategy is part of a belief that data and AI have a major role in winning future conflicts, processing the vast amount of data being generated by various sensors, transforming it into intelligible information, and delivering it where it needs to go. Reports indicate artificial intelligence played a key role in the Israel conflict with Hamas in Gaza in May 2021.

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