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iOS 16 Supports Nintendo’s Switch Pro and Joy-Con Controllers

The Nintendo’s Switch Pro and Joy-Con controllers will have native compatibility in iOS 16. Riley Testut, one of the AltStore iOS developers, spotted the new controller functionality in an iOS 16 developer preview published yesterday.

According to Testut, the Nintendo’s Switch Pro Controller works “great,” and both Joy-Con controllers appear as a single device for applications and games to use. Apple’s Nat Brown, an engineering manager, verified the new controller support and even disclosed a clever way to change how the Joy-Cons operate in iOS 16. By holding the screenshot and home buttons for a few seconds, you may dynamically swap between using both Joy-Cons as a single controller or two separate ones.

The addition of Joy-Con compatibility to the iPhone and iPad allows developers to create new games that take advantage of these controllers, and it will be interesting to see what they come up with. Apple’s development comes after the iPhone manufacturer enabled support for the PS5’s DualSense controller, as well as the Xbox Series X controllers, more than a year ago.iOS 16 is already available as a developer preview, with a public beta scheduled for next month and a final release in the autumn. Other modifications to CarPlay in iOS 16 will not necessitate future app upgrades. When using Siri, Apple is speeding up the message process, and the Podcast app’s collection is growing.

Beginning with iOS 16, drivers will be able to send a message automatically after Siri has reviewed it. If the speech-to-text feature works as intended, a step that is presently necessary while analyzing messages in CarPlay will be eliminated. If you desire to change the message, CarPlay provides an edit option for you to do so.

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