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Instagram is Working on Adding Moderators to Lives

Instagram is looking to give creators a helping hand when they do live video broadcasts on the platform and also give them an extra boost by adding another way for users to engage with stories. Alessandro Paluzzi reports that the app is working on letting its creators add moderators when they do live videos.

According to Paluzzi, creators will be able to choose one moderator from their list of “who’s watching” to help them manage comments, which can quickly turn into a never-ending stream of text that makes it impossible to respond to all viewers.

The famous technology blog notes that the chosen moderator will be able to turn off comments, requests to go live, and questions from viewers, among other options. Currently, only the user hosting the live stream can moderate it.

the company has also been knee-deep in its work on stories. Paluzzi stated in August that the platform was working on letting users “like” stories, which at the moment can only receive reactions through direct messages. So far, Paluzzi has found that Instagram is working on letting users “like” a story multiple times, with likes appearing in the same place as story viewers.

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