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HyperX is Now in the Monitor Game

HyperX is entering the monitor market with the debut of two models geared for gamers who desire a straightforward desk setup. The desk mount and flexible monitor arm that each of these monitors includes let you position the display on your desk anywhere you desire. This is their most distinguishing feature. (In addition, you won’t lose a lot of desk space because there isn’t a typical stand.) You may tilt the display 90 degrees or lay it flat for a taller perspective.

The 27-inch QHD Armada 27 and the 25-inch 1080p Armada 25, both of which were released in September, are only $449 and $499, respectively, in price. Both appear to be fantastic prices given that they both have monitor arms, which typically cost $100 or more. Other than size and resolution, there aren’t many specifications that distinguish between the two.

Both devices offer IPS displays with matte finishes, slim bezels, and a maximum brightness rating of 400 nits. They can both handle adaptive sync with Nvidia GPUs because they both support Nvidia G-Sync and have 1ms response times. They both have two HDMI 2.0 ports and one DisplayPort 1.4 port, making their ports the same. One of their primary differences is that the Armada 25 has a faster 240Hz refresh rate than the Armada 27.

With VESA Display HDR 400, the Armada 27 boasts a maximum brightness for HDR content of 400 nits, which isn’t very bright, according to HyperX. Both monitors claim to provide decent colour accuracy for the price, while focusing on different colour gamuts. According to their claims, the Armada 25 and Armada 27 can display 95% of the sRGB colour spectrum and 95% of the DCI P3 colour gamut, respectively.

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