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Huston States importance of Mental Health on his Social Media

As per the trusted sources of information, Nyjah Huston, the US skateboard star was taking care of the injury caused to him in the Sunday’s loss in the inaugural event of the men’s street which was taking place at the Tokyo Olympics. He further went on to apologize to his followers and stated the importance of athletes taking care of their mental health after competitions.

The 26 year old, California based athlete with 4.8 million followers on instagram stated that he has had several high moments in his career over the past years but he has also been through the very low events and they are the ones which he always has to battle mentally and also have tried to be better at it.As per the trusted sources of information, Huston came seventh in Sunday’s event and he was very upset as he couldn’t land any of his last four tricks.

He further accepted that in the past years he had several times isolated himself or had gone to drinking alcohol after the disappointments from the competitions which he hoped to make things better. He further mentioned about the importance of maintaining the good mental health to his instagram followers over everything else.

There has been a spotlight on the mental health of the athletes just after the tennis Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open, in the month of June in order to take care of her mental health. Osaka’s decision got a huge support from her fans as well as the other athletes.

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