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Healthcare System’s Plan to Counteract Cyberthreats

Amidst the global crisis of COVID-19, health has prominently become the priority. Jonathan Miles, Head of the Strategic Intelligence and Security Research, Mimecast, explains the means for the Healthcare industry to safeguard itself against cyberattacks.

The impact of COVID-19 from a medical perspective on the human body imitates its effect on the Healthcare sector, exposing it to numerous foreign invaders.The Healthcare sector has been exposed to increased vulnerability and pressure. For instance, between December 2020 and January 2021, hospital capacity surged by 89%, with a decline of 7000 fewer available beds.

The pandemic resulted in a substantial rise in pressure on clinics, medical facilities, and hospitals for creating a treatment for every patient globally, which rendered the Healthcare sector susceptible to hackers. The sector is constantly facing cyberattacks with a rising prevalence of false emails claiming to have been generated from the UN. NHS, vaccine centers are aimed to attack the cold supply chain of medical centers to determine the COVID-19 vaccine formulations.

In order to confront such critical threats, the Healthcare sector has already begun the incorporation of technological advancements, which can contribute to enhanced efficiency by enabling the employees and staff to meet the pressing deadlines. The sector has been embracing the digitization of records and improvising working systems by digital means.This is considered to be a crucial shift for the industry delivering superior quality patient care representing the increasing dependence of the sector on IT.

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