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Haunted Chocolatier Launches New Game

Haunted Chocolatier creator unveils Stardew Valley Eric Barone, aka “ConcernedApe,”. It has the same pixelated SNES look as Stardew, with characters, set-pieces and themes that are similarly cute and quirky.

According to Barone’s blog this game, users can play as a chocolatier living in a haunted castle. In order to thrive in your new role, users will have to gather rare ingredients, make delicious chocolates, and sell them in a chocolate shop on the new website. The video shows characters heading out into a town, the castle, a mountain and other scenarios to seek ingredients and fend off creatures.

It’s Barone’s first game since Stardew Valley launched in 2016, but so far it’s not a lot more than a demo. Barone has yet to finalize the gameplay systems and said he doesn’t even want to be “tied down to any particular concept of what the game is” ahead of launch.

Haunted Chocolatier does sound and look a lot like Stardew at first take. However, in a FAQ, Barone said there will be some substantial differences, particularly when it comes to gameplay. Barone didn’t reveal any other details. He did say that it would be single-player only, with no plans for multiplayer. The game will “100 percent” come to PC, though he has every intention of bringing it to the other major platforms as well.

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