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Government likely to declare Drought in Lake Mead

As per the trusted sources of information, in the next month, the federal Government is expected to declare a water scarcity in the Mead Lake. The is a part of a huge network of the artificial and natural aqueducts and dams which supplies water to over 40 million individuals in their houses, farms, businesses and states. However, the lake is known to be shrinking at a high speed and much sooner that the researchers had predicted.

A significant patch of dry rocks which are 120 feet wide surrounds the craggy perimeter of the Lake, which marks how far the Lake have shrunk in the ongoing drought situation. This part is called as the bathtub ring by the locals.

In the month of July, the Lake Mead showcases a blistering shoreline in the month of July as the sunshine also offers other reminders such as the receding water body. There are swimmers who come around and call it a beach but the rocky part is the part of the water body that is exposed due to the scarcity of water in it.

The Marine ramps are shut because the water is not just high enough to launch a boat properly. As stated by the Nevada’s climate policy coordinator, several problems have been increasing. She further added that the drought is not something that has happened suddenly, it has been here for two decades. But now that the most significant heat wave has come up in America, it is here to stay for long time she added.

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