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Google Warns of New Spyware Targeting iOS and Android Users

At least five EU nations have reportedly employed its potent Pegasus spying software, according to European politicians. Researchers are striving to spread awareness that the surveillance-for-hire sector is far larger than just one corporation as more information about the realities of how NSO’s technologies have been misused throughout the world comes to light.

The iOS version of a Spyware program allegedly created by the Italian company RCS Labs was the subject of research revealed on Thursday by Google’s Threat Analysis Group and Project Zero vulnerability analysis team.According to Google researchers, both Android and iOS devices in Italy and Kazakhstan have malware victims. The security company Lookout disclosed discoveries last week on the malware for Android, which it labels “Hermit” and also credits to RCS Labs.

According to Lookout, Italian officials employed the malware during a 2019 anti-corruption investigation. Lookout discovered evidence showing that an unidentified party utilised the malware for targeting in northeastern Syria in addition to victims in Italy and Kazakhstan. According to TAG security engineer Clement Lecigne, “Google has been monitoring the operations of commercial Spyware providers for years, and during that period we have watched the sector rapidly develop from a few vendors to a complete ecosystem.”

These businesses are facilitating the spread of harmful hacking tools and equipping nations that would not be able to create these capabilities on their own. It is essential to exchange information about these providers and their skills because there is little to no openness in this business.

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