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Google Maps now Estimates Toll Charges for your Journey

According to Google, a new Google Maps feature that predicts the amount you’ll have to pay in tolls to travel a specific route has begun to surface in the Android and iOS apps. The new toll price is accessible in the app, according to Android Police, however it’s not yet viewable on a couple of smartphones we tried along the same route. Google initially unveiled the toll service in April.

Google claims that the presented toll pricing is based on “reliable information from local tolling authorities,” and that the total cost is calculated using toll passes and the time of day. When calculating routes, there is still an option to “avoid tolls.” Google Maps could previously warn you when a toll is due on a travel, but it couldn’t compute how much that toll would cost.

According to Google, the capability is accessible on its iOS and Android applications for “almost 2000” toll highways in the United States, India, Japan, and Indonesia. It claims it will “soon” expand support to new nations. Google Maps now includes a lot more information than it used to, and it’s no longer just a navigation tool. You may read reviews of companies such as restaurants and grocery stores and even rate them yourself. The firm is continually releasing new features and improvements that make using Google Maps easier.

Google added a new (AQI) Air Quality layer to the app earlier this month. On Google Maps, you’ll now see the Air quality index, which is a gauge of how healthy the air around you is. It will also give you with recommendations for other tasks, according to a Google article.

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