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Google Introduces New Search Feature for Airplane Emissions

US tech giant and world’s search engine has announced new search feature to help you fly greener. The new search tool tells users which flights have lesser carbon emission thereby enabling them choose the greener flights. The tool will tell the users how much kilograms of carbon dioxide a flight will emit from start to finish. This will help users prioritize their search preferences by emissions or even search by price of they wish.

The fights that have carbon dioxide emissions below median get highlighted in green. The estimates that denote the flight’s carbon emission is supported by the data sourced from European Environmental Agency and flight-specific information. The data related to specific flights is gathered from multiple airlines and other providers. Other data such as age of the aircraft, model, configuration, speed, and altitude will be detailed by the search tool.

According Google not all flight’s data can be included as they do not information of those flights. The plane’s direction is not yet taken into account by the tool, said a higher official of Google. Also, additional information like whether the company or jet is using biofuels or other alternatives is also not included.

Google has taken this step in mitigating climate change as emissions from airplanes cause climate change — about 2% to 3%. The share has been significantly growing in the recent years. Thus as part of urgent and meaningful solutions to address this pressing challenge Google has taken one step forward by introducing this new emissions tool.

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