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Google Brought Back Duo because its Meet Transition is Confusing

Alphabet’s search engine site has planned to group its communication tools under Meet to simplify and increase transparency. The company’s main goal was to provide some sense and order to a company that has continuously overanalyzed this situation and made it extremely complicated. Earlier last month, the company enhanced Meet’s features and renamed its Duo video chat software to Meet. As a result, the original, soon-to-be-phased-out Meet app now goes by the name “Meet.

It also generated an iconic headline. It seems, nevertheless, that not all customers appreciated Duo’s surprise identity change. With the most current version of the Meet app for Android, Google Brought has returned the original Duo icon and name as a unique shortcut that appears in the app launcher. When you tap on Duo, Meet opens.

The company to allow users to access Meet by putting “Duo” into their browser’s search bar which is similar to the way they had done before for the company’s rebranding, Google said that this decision was taken on purpose. But the fact that this was even necessary proves once more how inconsistent the company’s strategy for providing these services has become. Even though the search engine advises all the users to search for the Meet name and icon as the one app for video calling and meetings,” the Duo shortcut creates more uncertainty.

The search engine company started rolling out an update for Google Duo earlier this month. The new update has prompted the long-overdue combination of Duo and Meet. The Duo app’s name and icon were changed to reflect the update, which added all of Meet’s features to it. Along with changing the Duo branding on the online version,also started displaying the Meet logo and symbol. But as of the most recent Google Meet update, consumers’ app drawers are once more showing the Google Duo app symbol.

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