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General Motors Announces A New Moon Rover

General Motors (GM) is expanding its electric car fleet because it has concluded that Earth isn’t enough. hopes to work with Lockheed Martin on an electric lunar rover for NASA that Artemis astronauts will pilot to explore our Moon.

General Motors has a long history of developing lunar vehicle technologies. The inertial guidance and navigation systems for the whole Apollo mission, including the watershed human landing in 1969, were produced by the automaker earlier. General Motors also contributed to developing the electric Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), which was utilized on Apollo missions 15 to 17.

Lockheed Martin is also one of the world’s leading aerospace and technology businesses, with Earth and the Moon operations. Before the merger in the 1990s, it was two different companies: Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta. NASA is a typical contractor, even though most of its work is dedicated to the US Department of Defense.

Both General Motors and Lockheed Martin want to use their prior experience to offer astronauts the opportunity to explore the Moon further than any human has gone before, with the first crewed trip of the Artemis Program set to launch in 2024.intends to combine its propulsion and battery-electric technology expertise to create an LTV that can travel longer than ever before while also giving the crew new technologies that were not available during the Apollo missions.

The next-generation LTVs, according to General Motors, are being designed to assist the first-ever expeditions to the Moon’s south pole, which is more icy and challenging terrain.

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