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Fortnite Starts Chapter 3 Season 3 Teases Iconic Star Wars Villain

Fortnite is presently one of the most popular video games. This is undoubtedly aided by the numerous partnerships that have occurred with the game since its debut, including those with corporations, IPs, and pop culture figures. Every few months, the free-to-play game has a slew of seasonal content, providing players a diverse range of things to do and see in Fortnite. Epic Games published three new trailers for Season 3 of, “Vibin,” following the completion of Chapter 3 Season 2.

After the Reality Tree sprouted on the Island, this clip was shown soon after Fortnite Collision Event brought the game down, showing off a new destination known as Reality Falls. It depicts gamers being able to play in a resort-like setting, replete with roller coasters and beach feelings. The Baller objects have also returned, allowing players to roll about and grapple onto other surfaces, according to the clip.

The arrival of renowned Star Wars villain Darth Vader was teased in this video, which was one of the most crucial parts. Vader was a widely anticipated character after a leak earlier this year claimed he might be heading to Fortnite. He may be seen taking part in the events of the cinematic trailer, including some amusing scenes like him assisting a Stormtrooper in meeting the height requirement for the Baller ride or even rolling about in one himself.

This morning, another teaser for Fortnite Vibin Season was released, this time concentrating on gameplay and what to anticipate from the season. This contains a new Wildlife Ride mode, in which players may hop on top of a wolf or boar to ride it and still battle while doing so. It also demonstrates how Reality Falls’ map appears, with a focus on fungal forests and platforms.

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