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 Fortnite Players Raise $36 Million For Ukraine

Epic Games released an announcement on Sunday that the new season of Fortnite would be launched in the next two weeks. The company also added that the company’s profits from the game would be directly sent to Ukraine. The developer has raised nearly $36 million as part of the effort.

This $36 million is directly donated to different aid groups, including Direct Relief, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and the World Food Program. The company also added that the Xbox is donating its profits from the game during the period.

The Fortnite new season is one of the most lucrative periods for the game, with players buying into the new battle pass to get exclusive characters and other in-game content. This season, called “Resistance,” features a significant shift with the removal of building with the addition of Doctor Strange and other characters. Other popular companies are also raising funds for Ukraine.

A massive bundle of nearly 1,000 games on raised more than $6 million, while Humble Bundle raised funds through a bundle that has raised more than $12 million. Epic’s Fortnite fundraising efforts will run until April 3rd. This includes purchasing V-Buck packs and cosmetic packs sold for real money. The popular gaming company also added that the says profits from brick and mortar purchases of V-Buck cards would also be included, but only for those redeemed in-game during the two-week window.

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