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Fitness Instructor’s Complicated Journey Through Covid

A Fitness Instructor’s underwent a tricky journey after he first contracted the novel coronavirus. Dereck Stipetich, 48 from the United States witnessed an unfortunate turn of events when he was struck with the deadly virus for the second time.

Dereck being a Fitness Instructor’s was thoroughly involved in a very active lifestyle and a healthy one. Besides being a fitness enthusiast, Dereck was also an adventurous person indulging in various activities. However, his health slowed down last year in November when he was tested Covid positive. While his symptoms were only mild, Dereck certainly struggled lifting his regular amount of weights.

Two months after his diagnosis, when Dereck started experiencing fatigue his family decided a check-up was due. Doctors said that he was completely healthy with no sever symptoms. However, in April he came down with a much intense cold struggling to breath with a constant feeling of being suffocated. While his family thought Dereck was infected with the virus again, turns out Dereck was suffering from a cardiogenic shock. It became apparent that his organs had started to give up including kidneys, heart and liver all showing signs of gradual failure.

Dereck was left with a singular choice to get through the complications and that was to get a heart transplant. Dr. Azam Hadi, cardiologist at Allegheny Health Network said that Dereck’s condition was one of a kind. He added that he has seen cases where Covid aggravated heart conditions however this was new. Dereck has successfully recovered from his transplant whereas his old heart is being studied by experts.

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