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Fisher Price Made a Chatter Telephone for Adults

The Fisher Price Chatter Telephone pull toy has been made into a working Bluetooth-connected handset for grownups. The company has a rainbow-colored rotary dial. It focuses on the wobble when the wheels roll.

It is 60 years since the company first introduced the telephone. Now you can take your business calls through the big, red plastic handset.The novelty collectible went on sale for pre-order Tuesday at Best Buy for $60. By Tuesday evening it was no longer available.

Fisher Price says another batch is being released to Best Buy on Thursday while supplies last. For those interested in getting one, They are happy to report Chatter works just as you’d hope it would. They had an early model of this smiling buddy sitting on my desk all week.

The Chatter Telephone has had several looks over the years. He’s gotten a bit of a facelift since his original release, and this Bluetooth model reflects the new, more rounded design.  While comparing the new phone with the actual pull toy ($7 on Amazon), the adult Chatter phone has more weight and is built with higher-quality materials, notably in the rotary dial and wheels. The adult Chatter is has no pull string.

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