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Fireball Flashes across the Sky in Texas Reported

The Texas residents were astonished to see a Fireball blazing across the sky on the night of Sunday. According to NASA’s Meteor Watch, the celestial display had passed overhead just before 9 pm CT.Hundreds of people witnessed the blaze in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. They reported seeing a very bright Fireball at around 8:58 pm Central Daylight Time.

The information obtained from a couple of videos from public or personal cameras has been analyzed, along with the latest report from the agency. A thorough analysis of the data from phone camera pictures and the agency-derived data shows that the meteor was first seen 48 miles above the Texas Highway 11, between the counties Sulphur Springs and Winnsboro.

Moving towards the northeast at a pace of 30,000 miles per hour, it traveled another 59 miles through the upper atmosphere before breaking 27 miles above the United States in the east of Avery.Many people uploaded the reports of witnessing the Fireball to the non-profit American Meteor Society (AMS), including three videos. Also, several others have claimed to have heard of a “sonic boom.”

Fireball are pretty usual, and NASA has many programs dedicated to chasing the extremely bright meteors.Thousands of small meteorites hit the Earth every year – even though most of them strike unpopulated areas or drop down into the ocean.The Fireball was at least as bright as a quarter of the moon, which interprets to something even bigger than 6 inches in diameter along with a weight of 10 pounds.

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