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Fast Carbs do not Lead to Unhealthy Fat Accumulation, Claim New Study

Fast Carbs don’t make us fat, says the new study. The study was published last week in the peer-reviewed journal Advances In Nutrition. The study concluded that Fast Carbss  do not lead to weight gain.Fast Carbs such as white bread are also known as high-GI foods because of their high glycemic index. The study said high glycemic index foods have been hypothesized to promote fat storage and increase the risk of obesity. Slow carbs such as whole grains, vegetables and beans were thought to be ideal for weight loss and a healthy diet.

According to the study in May, 2021 Google search for Fast Carbs produced more than 47,000 results, many of which featured websites that portrayed Fast Carbs as unhealthier and more fattening. The series of 35 observational studies that collected data from nearly 2 million adults revealed no consistent differences in BMI when comparing the highest with the lowest dietary GI groups

Macronutrient composition and dietary fiber content of the meal as a whole plus fiber, preparation and time of day the food was eaten come into play. For example, the study noted a database from the University of Sydney that lists 27 values for brown rice ranging from 48 to 87. The GI values for white rice ranged from 17 to 94.

It also stated that low-GI diets were generally no better than high-GI diets for reducing body weight or body fat. The diets also did not differ concerning changes in waist circumference. The factors such as age, genetics, physical activity, insulin sensitivity and BMI had more of an impact on body weight, fat and waist circumference

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