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Facebook Plans to Launch Payment Option in Messenger

Facebook has unveiled a collection of shortcuts for its Messenger platform, including one that allows users to send and receive money. This new shortcut is available today after the company said they are excited to share it.  The company says the new command system will boost your messaging efficiency and add a little extra fun to your experience. On top of that, the company plans to update Messenger with a payment feature. They have also announced Split Payments.

This new feature allows people to transfer money with no fees just by typing the option pay which is perfect for paying. Meron Colbeci, Facebook Consumer Product Management Head said that they are focused on expanding the messenger experience by allowing the users to stay on the app. The new updates will be like clickbait which keeps the consumers using the app rather than getting bored and leaving it.

Apart from the payment the company also introduced other shortcuts including @everyone, which notifies everyone in a group chat. It is also a way of ensuring no one is left out. @silent is another shortcut that removes the stress of disturbing someone with a non-urgent pop-up notification.

The social media company has also unveiled a new voice recording feature that allows users to preview the voice message before sending it, pause, delete or continue recording.  Previously, voice messages lasted one minute, but now they can last 30 minutes.

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