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Einstein’s Theory of Light around Blackhole, Proven

In a new development, scientists have finally been able to see the backside of the black hole. In doing so, they have managed to prove the theory by Albert Einstein in the year 1915.

As per the theory of Albert Einstein, in the year 1915, the gravitational pull of the black holes is powerful such that it warps the fabric of space, as stated in the report.The theory of Einstein stated that this gravitational pull by the black hole is so magnetic in nature that it can twist the magnetic fields and bend the Light waves near the black holes.

Roger Blandford, professor, and research report co-author, at Standford University, stated that about fifty years ago when the astrophysicists begin to speculate the ways in which the magnetic field is likely to behave when it is close to the black hole.

They were not aware that one day they would have a provision of looking at it directly and then see the general theory of relativity in action. Einstein believed that how the black hole can wrap up the fabric around them in the space will also be able to see the Light waves that are being ejected out the black hole’s backside as the twisted magnetic fields will act as a mirror to the black holes.This theory was being accepted by the experts as per the latest reports.

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