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Destructive floods found by China’s Mars rover

China’s Mars rover provides images of areas affected by Destructive floods. China’s Mars rover named Zhurong, wandering on the surface of Mars since May 2021, has found two major pieces of evidence that could prove the existence of major Destructive floods in history.

An analytical report published in Nature Today reported that the Zhurong radar went about 100 meters down the surface area to record the evidence. The images clicked by the radar suggests that the Utopia planitia, huge plains in the north hemisphere of the planet Mars, was an ocean or had some sort of water body, in ancient times, which was ultimately drowned by some Destructive floods at some point of time.

Not a few months back, another mars orbiter of china, named Tianwen-1, took pictures of moist minerals that were assumed to be formed when the water level rose from the melting of ice or floods.

Whereas, some parts of the Utopia planitia have shown evidence of volcanic eruptions and regions covered in basalts from the volcanos. Hence, the researchers of the Chinese space agency claim that they need more time to research the planet Mars from its remains and conclude the study in a better way.

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