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Delta Surge in the U.S Raises Infections by 30%

Breakthrough infections among fully-vaccinated Angelenos accounted for only 2% of the month’s case total in March 2021, when Americans first learned about the Delta form of Covid-19. However, breakthrough infections among fully-vaccinated persons had reached 20% of all identified cases by June, when Delta accounted for 50% of all variations in Los Angeles.

County officials announced in late July that the Delta variation had surpassed all others, accounting for more than 90% of all positive variant tests analyzed. As a result, the percentage of breakthrough cases has risen to 30%, according to local health officials.

In April, fully vaccinated adults made up only 5% of the Covid hospitalized patients in Los Angeles. By July, the percentage had grown to 13%. Overall, the percentages of vaccinated people who test positive, are hospitalized, or died as a result of Covid remain low – all less than 1%. As of Tuesday, 27,331 of the almost 5.15 million fully vaccinated county residents had tested positive. That’s a 0.53 percent rate. Only 742 people were admitted to the hospital, a rate of 0.014 percent. Only 68 people have died, resulting in a 0.0013 percent mortality rate.

The median age of fully vaccinated patients in the hospital is about 15 years higher than the median age of unvaccinated patients, indicating that the most vulnerable are better protected.The majority of persons who are properly vaccinated do not become infected. And even if they do become sick, they are unlikely to be hospitalized, and if completely vaccinated, they are unlikely to succumb to Covid.

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