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Delta Agriculture to Scale Up its Hemp Distribution

Delta Agriculture is America’s largest hemp raw goods producer and supplier. The establishment is not moving ahead with a new hemp fiber production line in an effort to become a full-scale industrial supplier.This declaration from the establishment reflects its significant growth from a leading hemp flower producer to an industrial hemp supplier.Delta Agriculture follows a unique approach as compared to its competitors in the hemp industry.

The company applies innovative techniques such as vertical integration and genetics. It offers superior raw goods to the end-users. Delta Ag is the only establishment delivering stable and consistent supply followed by the mass production of hemp.

End-users looking forward to adopting renewable raw goods with the objective of neutralizing their carbon footprint can significantly reduce industrial waste. The company utilizes advanced techniques such as proprietary genetics resulting in maximized effectiveness of the hemp seeds. These seeds are then harvested and improvised at the 50,000 sq. ft. genetics lab owned by Delta in Colorado.

Hemp applications are widening at an exponential rate, with the textile industry being the fastest adopter. Brands are heavily inclined towards cotton alternatives owing to their environmental adversities.John Paul Merritt, Chairman Delta Agriculture, said that the company is focused on modern manufacturing techniques reducing the waste or pollution caused by the production as well as disposal of petroleum-based plastics. He also stated that the focus is to provide highly efficient, environment-friendly alternatives to the currently existing non-renewable goods.

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