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Dairy Food Reduce are Good For Health and Reduce the Risk of Cancer

In a study conducted by US and researchers from other countries have found that dairy fat is actually good for health and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and Cancer. They found that the people who drank less dairy products containing dairy fat are more vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases and Cancer.

The evidences found during the study suggest that the dairy products like cheese, yogurt, milk and butter having greater fat content are beneficial for heart health and the overall body according to the lead author of the study.The researchers stated that avoiding dairy products would be the bas choice for the heath of heart. The study was conducted by the researchers measuring the blood levels of the fatty acid found in dairy products. US is known for the highest consumption and production of dairy products around the world.

Thousands of participants were studied whose blood levels were analysed for at least 16 years to come to a major conclusion. The researcher the heart health of each participant and looked at how many participants face heart attack, strokes and other illnesses. The participants with highest levels of dairy fat were less vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases.

The results were confirmed by combining 17 other studies conducted in US as well as other countries like UK and Denmark. However, the findings are also influenced by other factors besides dairy fat. The research is published in journal named PLOS Medicine.

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