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Colorado Outperforms Stryker in Robotic Knee Replacement

Stryker recently published a report compiling the knee replacement data on the Colorado orthopaedic surgeon. It explains how he achieved exemplary results staying ahead of its peers with the help of Mako Robot. The Colorado surgeon that acquired the headlines is Kevin Borchard, MD, Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Spine.

First-quarter data published in the report suggests that Dr. Kevin Borchard has accomplished superior patient results. The surgeon has been able to reduce complications significantly as compared to the average benchmark established by Stryker. The database of the medical company consists of over 600,000 elective knee surgeries along with hip surgeries. It also comprises of more than 40,000 Mako cases reported from 200 hospitals across the United States. Major highlights of the released data includes the statement suggesting that Dr. Borchard has been successful in reducing Mako Surgery time by 21 minutes.

Adding to this, the duration of stay after a patient has undergone bilateral total knee replacement surgery was report to be approximately 37 hours in the first quarter. The trend was consistent outperforming Stryker previously calculated benchmark average.

The most effective conclusion remains that 100 percent of the patients treated by Dr. Borchard have been discharged after their surgery. Zero readmission cases to the Pioneer medical Center have been reported within 30 to 90 days post-surgery.Throughout the surgery, Dr. Borchard had zero occurrence of orthopedic surgical site infections, even monitored from 90 days after the surgery. Patients treated by Dr. Borchard displayed an advanced ability to conduct knee joint movements after the replacement.

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