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Chemical reactions discovered could expound the beginning of life

a set of Chemical reactions have been discovered that could explain the origin of life on planet Earth. One of the most bewildering puzzles is how non-living molecules stimulated life. Scientists of Scripps Research have now come across group of certain Chemical reactions that could be the reason behind the origin of life on Earth.

This is obviously an excessive simplification and the Chemical reactions which happened may remain in dark as well. Scientists have discovered their own theories of the prebiotic soup (imaginary conditions of Earth around approximately 4 billion years back. These theories are made based on what was seen a plenty of times and exposing certain chemicals to a varied conditions to check out what may happen.

These scientists developed their set of Chemical reactions by using extremely simple materials that were considered common on Earth like carbon dioxide, ammonia, alpha-keto acids, cyanide. Later, scientists saw these chemicals started creating amino acids. Each of these four ingredients had their own unique properties.

For instance, Alpha-keto acids were the predecessor that is used by the living cells to create amino acid, today. Ammonia is a source of nitrogen which is an essential element during the process of conversion. Cyanide is responsible for the process of conversion and carbon dioxide speeds up the process for faster results.The experts proclaimed that use of these chemical compounds is how amino acids were generated in the living cells, which traces back the origin of life on Earth

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