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Chemical control restricts freedom in older generation

No facilities in the home centres or community centres for old age people Unsettling results about the loss of liberty of older people are revealed in a recent study on the rights of older people for the United Nations. In some nations, older people are more likely to be deprived of liberty in care facilities than in jails and that the use of Chemical restraints – medicine to control behaviour without a therapeutic aim – is “widespread and abusive.”

In the US, over 0.2 million elderly residents of nursing homes received antipsychotic medications in 2018 without a proper diagnosis. Antipsychotic medications can have life-altering side effects and almost double the risk of death in elderly dementia patients. Increases in psychotropic drug prescriptions for senior citizens living in nursing homes in the UK and Canada during the Covid-19 pandemic may have increased risks for those who were already among those who were most at risk from the coronavirus.

The inability to access home and community-based support services may drive elderly individuals against their will into facilities. People in the US were on waiting lists for home and community-based services in 2021, which was a result of decades of underfunding for the Medicaid-run program. Many elderly individuals in Russia have few options other than to live in an institutional setting, such as a nursing home, due to limited funding and delivery of home and community-based support services.

The possible risks to elderly residents of care homes are highlighted in the most current report. No one’s freedom should be restricted because to their dependency requirements. Instead of being deprived of their freedom in a care facility, governments should make sure older people have access to the necessary services they need to live with dignity in their communities. Those who select to reside in an elderly facility should also have their rights upheld. Governments should forbid the use of Chemical restrictions to manage senior citizens’ conduct and guarantee their rights are upheld

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