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Canadian Coal mining Company Appealing against American Environmental Rules

A Canadian coal giant is fighting new Environmental rules set by the United States. The new rules have tightened the restrictions on the release of contaminants dangerous to fish. Teck Resources is fighting for the rule made for Environmental protection by the United States. The new rule dramatically cuts down the acceptable levels of selenium in the waters of Koocanusa, the water reservoir crossing the U.S.-Canada border.

The sends the contaminated water from the Sullivan Mine operations to the Drainage Water Treatment Plant based on the St. Mary River. Tech has been struggling for many years with selenium contamination with its mines which the U.S. government says may harm the marine life in the related lakes. But, Teck’s top officials say there is no evidence of harm to the marine life due to the waters containing selenium.

According to new rules set by Montana’s Board of Environmental Quality, it has reduced allowable selenium concentrations to 0.8 micrograms per liter. While the B.C.’s current guidelines allow two micrograms of selenium per liter in water, the company is appealing the new rules have reduced the concentration very low than the acceptable levels.

On the other side, the Montana officials say, such stringent restrictions are needed in order to protect the waters and their marine life.  According to the information revealed by biologists of the University of Montana, there have been higher concentrations of selenium seen in fish. The biologists say it could further damage the ability of fish to lay eggs and reproduction. Regarding the same concerns, the mine is still under review and will allow public input in the same case.

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