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Book nerds can write on the new Kindle too

The new Kindle Scribe gives the Book nerds an option to write on it as well. After almost 15 years of manufacturing the most selled product – Amazon Kindle, Amazon has finally decided to add a stylus pen with the new Kindle, named Kindle Scribe, which allows the e-readers to write on it as well. Amazon has recently launched the new Kindle, along with many other new products, in its latest hardware event. Now, reading is much more fun!

The display size of the new Amazon Kindle Scribe is 10.2 inches and has a display of 330ppi (pixels per inch), with adjustable screen light. The addition to the product is the stylus pen which can be magnetically attached to the kindle, just like Apple’s pencil is attached to iPads.

Amazon has made clear in the hardware event that the stylus pen does not need to be charged or synced with the Kindle. Also, probably from next year’s update, e-readers would be able to share microsoft word documents to the kindle as well. For now, it can now be used for note taking, annotations, writing, scribing, etc., on the books.

The price of the new Amazon Kindle Scribe is around $339. The stylus pen comes in 2 categories – Basic and premium. The latter one has the option of customizing the controls like undo, redo, etc. Also, the e-reader will get an unlimited, 4 month free trial with the Kindle scribe. If you are a Book nerds, what are you waiting for? Go get amazing deals from the Early Prime Access Sale and book your Kindle Scribe now.

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