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Bitcoin & Twitter to Remain Strong Allies in the Future Know Why?

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has confirmed to the investors that Bitcoin will be a “big part” of the Twitter fraternity. He sees bigger opportunities to fit the cryptocurrency into the existing Twitter products and services.As Twitter plans massive expansion in e-commerce, subscriptions, and other new add-ons like the Twitter Tip Jar and Super Follows, bitcoin would be a conscious integration.

Dorsey has been a loyal and faithful Bitcoin advocate for many years, but how it would be taken into action on Twitter’s platform had not yet been revealed out in detail.However, Dorsey has often flaunted the cryptocurrency publicly by saying that it reminds him of the “early days of the internet” and that there was not anything more important in his life for him that he could have worked.

More recently, Dorsey has launched a Bitcoin fund worth the amount of $23.6 million along with Jay Z and has announced his plans to lead his other company, Square, into the dispersed and decentralized financial services market.Square has also attained a majority stake in the TIDAL music service of Jay Z during this year, along with an eye towards how blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies could transform the business of music.

At the moment, Dorsey also called Bitcoin one of the three (3) most important trends for the future of Twitter, along with Artificial Intelligence and Decentralization, the latter of which Twitter is following up through its initiative called ‘Bluesky.’

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