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Biotech Company brings a Breakthrough in DNA testing

As per the trusted sources of information, the DNA testing is one to the latest medicine’s most significant breakthrough. Everyone can get an access of the personalized information about their genes and ancestry just with the help of a little saliva.

As per the reliable sources of information, a new Company that is based out of Seattle is now working to bring out the equally deep analysis about the different set of the complex molecules in the human beings that are the trillions of proteins which are doing circulations within the bodies of people.

The Company named Nautilus Biotechnology was established in the year 2016, by Seattle based person names Sujal Patel and Parag Mallick, who is from San Francisco. They are focusing on the development of this device that can identify and count about 95% of the several types of proteins from the given biological sample.The main aim of the Company is to measure the main machinery inside the cells with a high level of details which has never been carried out before over the several years. The Company says that the existing tools that have been invented before are able to measure only 8% of the several different types of proteins that are given in the blood samples.

The Company mentions that the protein measurements which are different for every person and have the capacity to change throughout the people’s lives will help the doctors to identify and diagnose more specific diseases. Further, it will help the pharmaceuticals to find more precise drugs.

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