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Best Features in Apple’s iOS 14.4

Apple continues to use iOS 14 and iPad 14 and it has added a few new Features. The company added a new workout to Fitness Plus for Apple Watch owners. To celebrate Black History month the company added a new unity watch face.

The company also added the users iPhone’s creating custom app icons and placing new widgets wherever the user wants. The Scribble Features in the iPad update allows the user to use Apple Pencil to write in any text field, and the tablet will convert it to text. This will remove the hassle of using a keyboard.

Apple created the Smart Stack widget. Users can create their stack of widgets using the same technique that will help to create an app folder. Apple also added new Features to its Shortcuts app, with the most popular addition being the ability to create your app icons and fully customize the look of your phone.The release of iOS 14.3 adds the new Apple’s ProRaw photo format, which allows you to take photos using the raw photography format and make changes to it without any image degradation as when the photo is converted to a JPG. Apple has added picture-in-picture mode to the iPhone.

Apple added the ability to delete its apps from your iPhone. Currently, the users can Delete Mail and Safari. Apple’s AirPods Pro also got a small firmware update that added a new Features called Spatial Audio. There is a new mirror mode added to the selfie camera. Apple’s new Translate app helps to create conversation in two completely different languages.

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