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Apple Will Launch New iOS 15 on Monday

The new version of Apple Operating System will be launched on Monday. The new update is the continuation of the previous updates.  Apple has added a minuscule of updates to enhance the user experience. The update also introduces a new background feature to facetime.

The new iOS15 update lets the users customise the user experience. In Safari the tab bar can be moved to the bottom of your phone’s screen to make it easier to reach one-handed. If you want that tab bar back at the top where it’s been since 2007, you can tap the AA button and select Show Top Address Bar.The update doesn’t have one single flashy feature but there are more small features.  Apple has quietly tip-toed in improvements to help make your phone better without inconveniencing your existing preferences and workflows.

The company has added a focus mode feature. With a Focus mode enabled, your status is automatically displayed in Messages for friends to see. It’s kind of like setting an Away status on Slack but to remind others not to interrupt you. The difference is that a Focus status works system wide across your iPhone, Mac and other devices. Users also have the ability to turn off your Focus status so it’s not shared.

Third-party app developers can incorporate Focus status in their messaging apps if they choose. This leads to the possibility that your Focus status could work with WhatsApp, Signal or others in the future. When the new operating system is launched Slack will support Focus status.iOS 15 lets you turn on Portrait mode for your FaceTime calls, bringing with it the ability to place an artistic blurry background behind you

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