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Apple Pays Multi-Million Dollars to Woman for Security Issue


As per the trusted reports, the technology giant Apple has paid a large number of multi-million dollars for the settlement to a woman whose photos and videos were shared online by the technicians who were repairing her iPhone.Further, explicit images and videos of the lady were uploaded on Facebook and several other places, and they made it look as if it were posted by her on these platforms.

Apple did not have to go through the lawsuit, but its involvement in the case was due to an unrelated case that happened. The company has now confirmed the case and has apologized to the woman.In a statement by Apple, the company said that the privacy and security of their customers is their major concern, and they take it very seriously.

Further, the company added that they have a number of protocols that have been undertaken by them to ensure the data is kept safe during the repair process of the iPhones of the customers.They further added that they have learned about this ill behavior of their vendors in the year 2016 and have taken immediate action after that in order to strengthen their vendor protocols.

The company further mentioned that they had fired the two technicians that have been involved in such malpractices of user’s data. This incident will add weight to the rising movement of Right to Repair in the US, which argues that phones should not be locked in official repair shops. Around 20 states have been arguing for this.

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