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Apple Music’s Voice Plan to Launch with iOS 15.2

Apple seems to be close to rolling out the Music Voice Plan, a more affordable tier of Apple Music that lets you access music using only your voice and the company’s Siri assistant. The new plan appeared in the update notes for the iOS 15.2 release candidate, according to MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci, which suggests it will be available widely sometime soon

Apple first announced the Voice Plan at its October event, and at the time, said the new tier would be available in seventeen countries and regions “later this fall.” It will cost $4.99 per monthOther iOS 15.2 betas have included a few new features that will likely also be included in the final release.

One is the ability to set a Legacy Contact who can access your iCloud data when you die. The Communication Safety feature that blurs nude images for children using the Messages app, though unlike the version announced earlier this year, parents will not be able to be notified if a child views an image.

iPhone 13 Pro users will be able to press a button to turn macro mode on or off. The company promised to make changes in  iPhone 13 DIY screen replacements easier have appeared in iOS 15.2 betas.Apple didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment about the release date for iOS 15.2 or the Apple Music Voice Plan.

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