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Anker Announces Soundcore’s First Audio Glasses

Anker Soundcore brand announced the $199.99 Soundcore Frames. That price gets you the glasses’ temples and a frame of your choosing. The frames can be changed out for any of the ten various styles, but the massive side temples are always polished black.

Glasses will be available from Anker website, Amazon, and Best Buy, among other shops, beginning in mid-November.The temples essentially act as true wireless earbuds, with two speakers in each one. This strategy is also seen in other companies like Razer.

It is easy to switch temples in the glassed; polarized, blue-light filtering, and prescription lens options will also be available. Different frame styles will sell for $49.99 each. The company will let people virtually try on frames through its Soundcore smartphone app for Android and iOS.

Battery life is estimated at up to 5.5 hours of continuous playback, and the Soundcore Frames are IPX4 water resistant.There are two speakers on each temple, and in most cases outside, most people won’t notice your glasses are playing music. But if you’ve got the volume up inside, people will definitely have some sound leakage to those nearby.The manufacturer says the glasses have four speakers for an OpenSurround experience. There are two microphones that work together with a noise reduction algorithm to block out ambient noise when making calls

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