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A Large Fraction of Tokens Returned by Defi Hacker

The recent decentralized finance breach that exploited the Poly Network protocol has enthralled the crypto world. The hack’s aftermath was covered by News, which detailed how the Hacker began to troll the project with on-chain remarks. In addition, Chainalysis, a blockchain surveillance business, published an in-depth report on what it observed during its investigation on Wednesday.

The Hacker took ETH, WETH, WBTC, UNI, RENBTC, USDT, USDC, DAI, SHIB, FEI, BNB, and several BEP-20 tokens, according to Chainalysis. News recently reported how the organization Slowmist claimed to have discovered some of the fingerprints. Slowmist’s findings were corroborated by Chainalysis before the returning around $4.7 million in assets. According to Slowmist, the Hacker used to obtain an email address and accompanying IP address.

Chainalysis wrote, “We can see that the day before, the attacker withdrew 0.47 ETH from, which was used to pay for gas fees on transactions associated with the hack. Additionally, the attacker appears to have sent 13.37 ETH to a user known as Hanashiro.eth, who sent an ether transaction to the attacker with a message warning them that the USDT they’d stolen from Poly Network had been frozen.”

The Hacker chose to use the relatively unknown crypto trading platform, according to Chainalysis. The blockchain monitoring firm published a Chainalysis Reactor graph, which reveals how the  got started. In addition, the  has been in contact with the Poly Network team and an unidentified white hat Hacker. The has repeatedly stated that the guy has salvaged the project while repaying fractions of the monies. There was also a brief Q&A, during which the noted that cross-chain hacking is widespread and that they were doing it for pleasure.

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