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A Fake Viral Video of Gigantic Moon Blocking the Sun

A 30-second Video clip is making rounds on different social media platforms lately. It shows that the Moon is creating brief darkness around it as it is concealing the Sun.The fake claims this phenomenon is seen across ‘Arctic’, between Russia and Canada’.

The Viral Video also has a caption stating, “Imagine sitting in this place during the day (between Russia and Canada in the Arctic). The Moon appears at this size and then disappears in about 30 seconds and blocks the Sun for five seconds, on its way! Glory be to God Almighty”

However, according to various fact-checking reports and websites, it has been found that the is an animation, and it was made by a TikTok user Aleksey. Another important point noted in the Video is grassy, whereas the Arctic is snowy. The Moon is seen to be moving quite fast also not casting any reflection on the lake.According to The Print, the is at an average distance of 238,000 miles away from the Earth.

However, the Moon orbit around the Earth is not a perfect circle as depicted in the Video.The has come at the time of the appearance of the Super Blood, seen on Wednesday. Every year, there are days when the Sun, Moon, and Earth align in a straight line resulting in the lunar and solar eclipse. People also believe that eclipses have an impact on the 12 zodiac signs as well.

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